About Happy Days Vending & Rentals

Happy Days Vending and Rentals was started in 1998 by Richard Falcone as a vending company. Richard purchased unique vending machines, set them up and kept them full throughout Connecticut.

As time progressed, Mr. Falcone realized that the summer months where not as profitable as he would have hoped. So the first moon-bouncer was purchased. This was the Playhouse (pictured below) which is still a very popular rental today. It was rented out to family and friends. Word soon spread around town, and many people were renting from Mr. Falcone.

Several more moon bouncers were purchased and made available to rent. As his business spread throughout the state of Connecticut, more and more unique items in addition to moon-bouncers have been added to the inventory.

Today, Happy Days has more than 40 different moon-bouncers along with the most amazing assortment of other items like games, concession equipment, games, tents, and so many more unique items that are constantly being added. All these items are made available to you for rent or sale.

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