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We have everything from Bungee Runs, to Jousting. See how much fun Happy Days Rentals can be.

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Bungee Run

Perfect for graduation parties, this bungee run is 40' long! The object of the game is to place your Velcro football farther than your opponent while being pulled back by a giant bungee cord. It will be the hit of the party.

Climb the Ladder

Race your friends in this epic battle of survival of the fittest. Climb a horizontal ladder as quickly as possible to win the game. A Smash hit at graduation parties, this is sure to be a hit at any event.

Jousting Ring

Got a bone to pick? Duke it out on our Jousting Ring. Host your own game of Gladiator with our huge battle arena. Comes with jousts and helmets.

Pitch & Throw

The Pitch & Throw is a baseball hat looking inflatable that comes with 3 balls and you try to throw into a hole which is the catchers mitt. Great for carnivals, churches, and other fun events.

Speed Pitch

The speed pitch is a fun inflatable and comes with 3 balls and a speed counter hung on the inside of it. Great for promotional events and any other type of party.

Sumo Wrestling

Always a party favorite. This Sumo Wrestling rental comes with 2 sumo suits, 2 helmets, and a 3-piece gymnastics mat. Great for all ages and party types.

Velcro Wall

One of our more popular rentals, this velcro wall comes with 2 child-sized, and two adult-sized suits for hours of fun for your entire party.

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