Inflatable Obstacle Courses

We have obstacle courses for all ages. Take a look at our always fun obstacle courses for your next event.

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Inflatable Obstacle Courses

Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Course

The Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Course is our largest and wildest obstacle course. Featuring almost 80 feet of obstacles per rider, it is sure to be a huge hit at your next event. Ideal for churches, schools, and other large events. Recommended for riders ages 10 and up.

Rush Hour Obstacle Course

Ideal for ages 2-8, this obstacle course comes with 4 different colored cars that your little ones will wear as they "drive" through the obstacle course. Hours of fun for your little ones, it's sure to be a huge hit at your next event.

Small Obstacle Course

Why not give your little party-goers a challenge with this obstacle course designed for kids ages 2-10. Race head to head and have a ball.

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