Rental Terms

The following terms of rental must be agreed to and payment must be made upon delivery of rented items in order for items to be allowed to be set up and rented.

A. Site Approval: It shall be the Lessee(s) sole responsibility to provide the Lessor with a set-up location suitable for the safe erecting and use of said rental. Site conditions not brought to the attention of the Lessor, at the time of signing, which prevent safe erecting and/or use of said rental will relieve the Lessor of its responsibilities under said agreement. Lessee(s) are responsible to notify Lessor of location of any and all underground lines, wires, and/or utilities including but not limited to electrical, septic, well, sprinklers, etc. Lessor also agrees to not move said rental from location the lesse has set up the item at. Moving said rental will result in a fine of $100 and lesse will also be responsible for any and all damages associated with moving of said rental.

B. Risk of Loss: Upon set-up of said rental by Lessor, the Lessee shall assume all risks of loss or damage to same. Lessee shall be responsible for the replacement cost of said rental if same is damaged beyond repair and for all costs associated with the repair of any damage incurred during Lessee's use.

C. Limitation of Liability / Hold Harmless: Lessee agrees that the full extent of Lessor's liability under this rental agreement shall, in all respects, be limited to the rental fee received by Lessor. Lessee further agrees to identify and hold harmless the Lessor from any claims associated with the rental.

D. Default / Liquidated Damages: Id the Lessee defaults under this rental agreement and Lessor is not in default, all initial deposits  shall be retained by Lessor as liquidated damaged and both parties shall be relieved of further liability under this agreement.

E. Attorney's Fees / Cost of Collection: Lessee agrees to bear all costs of collection born by the Lessor in order to enforce any provision of this rental agreement including court costs and reasonable attorney's fees.